What our 'Growing Roots' participants said.....

“The learning content is rich in current research and presented in a way that is beautifully inspiring and makes you want to learn more, beautiful images and a great mix of learning styles. Just listening to the podcasts or logging on to read the manuals was a delight. It has increased my confidence in the “science” behind doing what I was already doing and so giving me increased confidence with parents, headteachers, stakeholders. It has allowed me to increase my confidence in saying in a very grounded way -“this is how I work” and “why”.”

“I really loved working my way through this course – it gave a great balance of theory to back up ideas and practical activities try. It is a model that makes so much sense to me.”

“The materials are truly beautiful – and therapeutic in their own right. I loved the photos, the gorgeous (and totally sympathetic) art work. The colours and character of the illustrations really enhance the text. The inclusion of poetry was lovely too. I can see that the model will absolutely work for me – and my clients. The material itself is stimulating, fascinating and thorough. It feels academically secure. It is so thorough that it gives me the confidence to rely on it – to just take it and use it as it is. I loved the case histories, so interesting to hear how EST is used with clients – they inspired me to want to have a go.”

“”I have been using the model consistently this past year and have had numerous children access the service and experience wonderful outcomes. I am also using it within an alternative education provision. I absolutely love the model and feel so lucky that half of my working week is working in the outdoors with the families I work with, so thankyou!”

“I went seeking deeper understanding of how I could use Ecosensory within my 2 roles and increased confidence on using the model. Yes, I absolutely felt you gave me this- it was both deeply relaxing and a learning experience. I loved playing out the case studies and thinking through clinical reasoning- sitting with others who have such a depth of knowledge was wonderful. And lying in the hammock, staring at the leaves and sky gave me time to be grateful for all I have in my life. Thank you to all 3 of you, you have brilliant minds and hearts- thank you for sharing them!”

What our 'In Leaf' participants said.....

“I feel the online course, information and model is fantastic, however, the two day practicum brings it to life. To be with the course leaders, with such knowledge and expertise, and go through all the elements, and plan intervention, now means I feel confident to implement the model. I feel the two day event is essential when conducting this model, to ensure you can support the families. A life changing weekend, nourishing, full of fun, with the discovery of so many things, thank you all, truly brilliant.”

“It was time and space for me to really think about how this therapy would work in practice and how I would apply it – I learn by doing and that is why the practicum was so very much in tune with my learning style. It was also great to share ideas with real people – it will also help to be part of an online community now that I have met them.”

“It has been incredibly insightful and allowed me to work holistically with service users and engaging them
in the “outdoors”. 
I’ve really enjoyed this module, and hope to attend future training. I have recommended it to all my other OT friends.”

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