Become An EcoSensory Practitioner 

If you are a health, educational or social care professional

you can train to be a EcoSensory practitioner

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Class Schedule

‘Sowing the Seeds’: Introductory Webinar to EcoSensory Therapy

Discover how nature can be your co-facilitator in supporting the development, health, and wellbeing of those you work with.

Are you a health, social care or education professional? Do you love spending time in nature? Do you want to combine your skillset with the knowledge and confidence to work with your clients outdoors (children, families, adults, groups)?

In this webinar, we will reveal the evidence and neuroscience into the regulating and transformative power of working with nature. Explore our training opportunities to take your nature-based practice further!

Online Webinar (1 hour)

Next date available soon

Tickets available soon

‘growing Roots’: Online Practitioner Training

Join our ‘Growing Roots’ Online Practitioner Training and be part of our growing community of practitioners!

Our ‘Growing Roots’ training is designed to give you the necessary knowledge, foundations and skills to safely move your practice into nature. This course has been carefully crafted and designed to provide you with strong ‘roots’ to grow your nature-based practice.

The course is 12 lessons long and has more than 25 hours of mixed-media learning material to suit diverse learning styles. We encourage you to follow along week-by-week but you can follow along at your own pace in a way that suits your learning needs and lifestyle. You will have access to this course for 12 months.

As part of the Growing Roots training,  you will have free student membership for 12 months. As part of your membership, we invite you to monthly check-ins with the tutors. The check-ins are ‘connection-rich’ rather than ‘content-rich’ and are optional to attend. They will be run by our team of EcoSensory Tutors (Co-Founders and Clinical Leads in the field of Clinical Psychology and Occupational Therapy)

On completion of the training, practitioners may call their nature-based work ‘EcoSensory Informed Practice’.


Sign up to the course by clicking the link below.

‘In Leaf’: Immersive Practicum

Join us for a two day immersive training in the great outdoors. Put into practice everything you learnt in the ‘Growing Roots’ Online Practitioner Training to develop your confidence in using the EcoSensory Therapy model of practice.

Within this 2-day training you will receive:

  • 14-hours immersed in beautiful woodland settings
  • First-hand experience of nature-based activities that promote regulation, healing and well-being
  • An opportunity to put into practice everything you learned in the online practitioner training 
  • The opportunity to plan and run a mock-session in nature focused upon a specific client you have in mind
  • Nourishment and care for yourselves with delicious and nutritious food provided in a supportive learning environment

On successful completion of the ‘In Leaf’ practicum and case study assignment you will become a ‘Certified EcoSensory Therapy Practitioner’.

Small group (max 16)

Click on an upcoming ‘In Leaf’ course to find out more!

Next training begins:

18th & 19th May 2024 – Devon

21st & 22nd September 2024 – Colchester, Essex



Bundle Deal

Complete Practitioner training: Growing Roots and Immersive Practicum

£850 Bundle price £750 

‘Bearing Fruit’: Advanced Practitioner training

Let us support you to become an Advanced Practitioner in the EcoSensory Therapy model of practice.

With guidance and mentorship from a recognised EcoSensory Therapy supervisor, we will support you through 1 to 1 supervision sessions, developing your EcoSensory model of practice.

To receive your Advanced Practitioner title, you will demonstrate your thorough understanding and application of the EcoSensory model through two cases brought to supervision. We will ask you to complete an Advanced Case Study Assignment.

One to one mentorship program


To register interest, email:



‘Branching out’: Masterclasses

One day courses looking at particular client groups:

  • Families and children
  • Adults with Learning disabilities
  • Adolescent mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Physical health related areas.
  • Bereavement
  • Trauma

Please get in contact if you would like a bespoke training organised for your organisation

To register interest, email: 

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