EcoSensory Therapy Practitioner Training: Growing Roots (Feb 23)

A very warm welcome to you all on the start of your EcoSensory Therapy Journey, and our ‘Growing Roots’ online course.  

The course will be accessible from 20th February and in week one, we will provide you with all the details & guidance needed about how to use the learning platform. You will be able to access the training materials and group conversations through the website, using the email address you have signed up with as your login. Don't worry, we take time at the start of the training to teach you how it all works and how best to use our learning platform! 

We will release the training content week by week, with more than 25 hours of mixed-media learning material to suit diverse learning styles. We’re excited to share with you the compelling evidence for the transformative and regulating benefits of working with nature! We encourage you to follow along week-by-week with your cohort but if needed, you can follow along at your own pace in a way that suits your learning needs and lifestyle. You will have access to this course for 12 months.

Clairepemrick · October 15, 2022

Welcome to our ‘Growing Roots’ EcoSensory Therapy Online Practitioner training

A very warm welcome! This is your learning portal. Each week new material will be released in your ‘course contents’ below. Start by opening week one ‘Introduction to EcoSensory Therapy’ and learn how to navigtate and use our learning platform below.

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