Complete Practitioner Training Online (September 2022) and Practicum (Devon, July 2023)


Buy both the online practitioner training for September 2022 and the Devon immersive practicum in July 2023 training together to enjoy the bundle discount!

We hope to see you soon as part of our EcoSensory Practitioner Training and EcoSensory Community.

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'Growing Roots' Online Practitioner Training

Join our ‘Growing Roots’ Online Practitioner Training in February 2022!

We will release the first week’s training on the 19th September 2022 as the early signs of spring emerge.

The course is 12 weeks long and each week we will look in-depth at a model element. We will cover the theoretical underpinnings, the evidence base, and how to assess and use the element in practice.

The training will be a mixture of slides, videos, and activities, including a podcast to take out in nature. You can go at your own pace, and you will have a year to complete the training. However, as part of a cohort, we strongly recommend trying to keep to the release weeks.

There will be three check-ins with the tutors, one at the beginning, middle, and end of the course.

Click on the September 2022 course for further details about 'Growing Roots' Online Practitioner Training.

On successful completion of the training, practitioners may call their nature-based work ‘EcoSensory Informed Practice’

'In Leaf' Immersive Practicum Weekend: Devon 8th and 9th July 2023

Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of Devon, where the Dartmoor National Park is, and the Two Moors coast to coast path passes through. Dartmoor is the largest open space in southern England, with stunning forests and wooded river valleys, that we will be exploring as part of your practicum experience with us. We will also be exploring the forests of Dartington Hall, with its majestic redwood trees and beautiful glades.

Join us for a two day immersive training in the great outdoors. Put into practice everything you learnt in the practitioner training to develop your confidence in using EcoSensory Therapy.

On successful completion of practicum & case study assignment you will become a ‘Certified EcoSensory Therapy Practitioner’.

Small group (max 16)